JUJ Jews United for Justice (St. Louis)
is dedicated to working in coalition with partners and allies
for the goals of economic, social and racial justice in the 
St. Louis metropolitan area.  
JUJ - A Progressive Voice in the Jewish Community -
A Jewish Voice in the Progressive Community 

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An Open Letter to Archbishop,
Mitchell T. Rozanski
Marie Kenyon is now reinstated! Thanks to all who worked for this just outcome!
Coming together to achieve common goals - still a winning formula!

Read the JUJ Letter to the Archbishop here!

Some people say.....
that this may be the most important election in our lifetime
Regardless: It is what it is!
Here is some help with Voting 2020

Absentee Ballots

Absentee ballots/mail-in ballots/in-person voting in Missouri for the November 3rd general election:

Three ways to vote:
(1) Absentee or mail-in via mail;

(2) In-person absentee starting September 22nd (starting Oct 22nd STL County will have 4 Absentee Satellite Voting Sites, click here for times and locations); or

(3) In-person on voting day, Tuesday, November 3rd (STL County ballots are all personalized and generated electronically so you can vote at any polling location).

MUCH MORE detailed information here

Poll Workers

Poll Workers 

Poll Workers: If you can help this year, be sure to vote absentee early and fill out the form here to be a poll worker.

Volunteering to work the polls this November is more important than it’s ever been for a number of reasons:

1. Senior citizens make up the majority of poll workers and due to COVID, they may be less inclined to participate this year.

2. The fewer the poll workers, the longer the lines at the polls. And we need everybody to vote in this election!

3. The balloting procedure has changed this year, and even though it should make things easier, it may take a bit more time than usual to get people through.

MO Sec. of State’s website states that poll workers and election judges staff polling places on Election Day. They are the citizens who help ensure the voting process goes smoothly. Poll workers check in registered voters, answer questions, and make sure that everyone who is eligible is given the opportunity to vote. Recent changes in voting equipment and new federal and state laws make it more important than ever to have well-trained, knowledgeable poll workers helping run our elections to give voters confidence in the elections process. 

Election Judges

High School Election Judges:

 Student election judges apply here

The St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners is seeking high school students who are interested in working as a Student Election Judge on Election Day. Students can earn up to $125 or community service hours for graduation. Students will work in a nonpartisan capacity. To receive compensation, you MUST attend training and stay for the entire Election Day. (Election Day 5:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.)

(1) currently in 10th-12th grade;
(2) Ages 15-17;
(3) a US citizen;
(4) able to speak, read and write English fluently; (5) attend a 90-minute training session;
(6) have written consent from your school and a parent/guardian. 


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