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Passover Resources

JUJ Jews United for Justice St. Louis has compiled Social Justice and Liberation Haggadahs and Readings:

Jews United for Justice -St. Louis is happy to provide the readings and Haggadahs
below that offer social justice and liberation texts for Passover.
These can be used for family discussions, for religious school,
or for part or all of your seder.

We thank Rabbi James Stone Goodman, Rabbi Andrea Goldstein, Rabbi Randy Fleisher,
the Shalom Center and the former Jewish Social Justice Network for their help in writing or compiling these materials.
We wish you and your family a good and peaceful Passover.

Each is printable
Download  The Passover Guide
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Get the  NEW FREEDOM SEDER  Against Pharaohs of Our Times.
Read about Haggadahs here
Liberation Haggadah by Rabbi Mark Hurwitz
Reading by Rabbi James Stone Goodman
Last stand of Resistance by Rabbi James Stone Goodman
 Why We Had To Leave Pharaoh
by James Stone Goodman
Interfaith Seder for Peace and Justice
Passover Readings  compiled by Rabbi Andrea Goldstein
You shall not oppress a stranger, excerpted from Deborah, Golda and Me
The Inner Haggadah -  A Seder for activists, shut-ins, singers, students, poets, etc.
A Dayenu for Today
The Shifra Puah Award and other stories
The Randy Fleisher Haggadah
Handcuffs at the Seder
   by Rabbi Arthur Waskow


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