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Dear Supporters of CCEP (Child Care Entrepreneurs Partnership),

We have really exciting news regarding the progress and developments being made in our Hyde Park –Linkstl partnership projects.

These updates will be presented
Wednesday, December 23rd at 9:00a.m.
You will be able to learn about the expansion of our work thru both Continued support and securing new partnerships and investments. Please attend if you can. A zoom connection will be shared closer to date.

Here is an update on what we will present and discuss:

Since our last meeting, there have been several exciting developments impacting the work of our Child Care Entrepreneurs Partnership:
* Prop R -- the Early Childhood sales tax increase ballot initiative
-- passed in the City of St. Louis on Nov 3. The estimated $2.3M revenue generated will be administered by St. Louis Mental Health Board to improve early childhood health and education services in St. Louis City.
(Our public testimony to MHB was sent with September meeting notes.)

* Playground equipment was delivered to Queens and Kings,
allowing more individualized use of toys for kids during outdoor play -- an important CDC Covid-19 health and safety recommendation for childcare and schools.

* The N. 14th Street building
as a potential site for Queens and Kings Learning Center is showing great promise. After outreach to several potential developers, we connected with Michael Woods from DreamBuilders, a 501(c) 3 experienced in rehabilitation of vacant North City properties and providing skill-building opportunities to underserved youth. The site visit with committee members and the Dreambuilders team was successful, and the building was assessed to be structurally sound. A sales contract has been executed and boarding up and securing the building for winter has begun.

Betty Marver
If you would like to help and/or learn more, click on my name (the line above) and it will open an email to me

CCEP = Child Care Entrepreneurs Partnership

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