Town Hall Meeting - Tuesday, September 27 (2016)

Proponents of Amendment 6 say it will eliminate voter fraud, but as Pruitt noted, since 2005 there have only been been 17 confirmed instances of voter fraud in the whole country out of some 10 billion votes cast. Not one of those instances was in MO or happened at the actual polls, but instead were all from absentee ballots.
The MO Secretary of State's office says that it would cost the state of MO $17M to implement the underlying voter ID legislation. There would be costs for training, affidavits, chevking affidavidts, and the required assistance for people to get the required IDs. This cost is NOT funded in the legislation.

In Missouri only a 50% majority approval is needed for a constitutional amendment. Amendment 6 and the underlying House Bill HB1631 will immediately adversely impact voting rights, However, Amendment 6 will also make it easy for the legislature to enact even more restrictive voter ID laws in the future, maybe eliminating the possibility of an affidavit, maybe a literacy test, or a religion test, who knows. This is why it is important that people vote and that they continue to the end of the ballot.

Our right to vote is too important for political games.

Thansk to Linda and Rhona for writing this article!

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