In Memoriam

Honorable Supreme Court Justice 
Civil Rights Hero, Our friend
Richard B. Teitelman
1947 - 2016

More about our friend and Award Recipient here.

Pictures from the 2011 Heschel-King Awards -
honoring Rick Teitelman and Ronnie White

A Story about Rick as told by Rabbi Jim Goodman

JUJ Chair, David Lander, has the following comments:

Rick Teitelman devoted his enormous energy, indeed his entire life to the pursuit of justice. 

He was extraordinarily well known, well liked and respected. 
As a civil rights and legal services lawyer he was unstoppable.  If his adversary ever paused for a breath, that was all the opening Rick needed to prevail. 

He also devoted time and energy to young people who had a disability to make them understand that they could achieve great things with their lives. 

Rick was an example of passion for justice overcoming limited sight. 

His mastery of strategy was legendary. 

We have lost a great friend and the pursuit of justice has lost an indefatigable worker. 

I am deeply saddened by Rick’s death; he enriched my life in many ways.