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We remember fondly, Sister Ebo,
who left us yesterday. Three great articles about Sister Antona Ebo
Gloria Ross' Obit on NPR
Article in St. Louis Review
Philip Deitch for the Missouri History Museum event
A video from Sister Ebo's 90th birtthday can be found here

JUJ honored her in 2006
- together with our dear Rabbi Bernie Lipnick (z'l').
Sister Antona Ebo was very special.

Pictures from the 2006 Heschel-King Celebrations
where Sister Ebo was honored
can be found here

Best way to honor Sister Ebo's memory?
Walk in her footsteps! Fight racial injustice, as Martin Luther King Jr said:
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"
Funeral information:
Location: St. Alphonsus "Rock" Liguori Catholic Church
1118 N Grand Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63106
Date: Monday November 20
Wake: 9-11 AM
Mass 11 AM
Meal following mass

burial will be private
Don't Miss an important meeting about Prop P in Unversity City this coming Wednesday
Here are all the details!

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Upcoming Event:  

Payday Lending Faces Tough New Restrictions by Consumer Agency

Help protect the CFPB - the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!  

Read a report on the current status of CFPB and the threat to it.

Watch a video to get the latest on the CFPB. 

JUJ endorses Clean Missouri.

It's time to stop the big money, powerful lobbyists, & partisan games
Click on image to go to Clean Missouri. Sign your name here

Information from the Center for Responsible Lending (The Center is responsible for all content in this article)

New articvle in the NY Times, here
Minutes from the August Payday Lending Task Force meeting here
Next Meeting of this Task Force: Thursday Oct 12 at 5:15 PM
Contact Susan Roth for more info

All you should know about Forward Through Ferguson and past events

Resources for Activists : Looking for a place to volunteer:  A list of 130+ Resources for Activists

Seven new Resources added:   Mental Illness, Prisons, and Addictions, including Rehab (5) ---
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