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Working Groups

JUJ Steering Committee

JUJ has organized itself in a way that decisions on actions and priorities reside with the Task Forces and the JUJ Membership.

The Steering Committee is not a traditional Board of Directors but rather serves an administrative function of overseeing funding and finances, membership recruitment and activities as well as staff supervision. The Steering Committee meets monthly.


JUJ Health Care Workers’ Rights Task Force

The Health Care Workers’ Rights Task Force was organized to work on equity, care, and conditions for the Jewish elderly and the workers who are their primary caregivers in nursing homes and hospitals. The work of this task force led to uncovering serious problems for nursing home residents and their families at the Jewish Center for the Aged. Since January 2003, this task force has been meeting twice a month to find solutions for the care of low and moderate-income elderly at the JCA. The Health Care Workers’ Rights Task Force has published materials on Jewish traditions and workers’ rights and a report on the Public Forum held in March 2003 regarding the needs of the Jewish elderly and the JCA.

JUJ Education Task Force

The Education Task Force was organized to address educational equality in the public schools in the St. Louis area. This Task Force published a paper on Jewish traditions and the Jewish mandate to work to close the academic achievement gap between white students and students of color. This group has made presentations on the subject of the achievement gap at various Jewish congregations and organizations.

The Community Task Force on the Needs of the Jewish Elderly

> Click here for the full report   --   Letter to The St. Louis Jewish Light

JUJ was instrumental in forming the Community Task Force on the Jewish Elderly. This task force includes JUJ members, rabbis, experts in nursing home care, and family members of JCA residents. It was formed in April 2003 to study the care and financial issues at the Jewish Center for the Aged and to make recommendations for solutions to the JCA Board. The Community Task Force held a Town Hall meeting in June 2003 attended by almost 200 people. The result was a summary of the comments that accompanied the Community Task Force Report on the Needs of the Jewish Elderly. This report and comments have been sent to the Board of Directors of the JCA and JCA Task Force leaders with strong recommendations about solving the problems at the JCA and offering assistance to help with these solutions.



The 2011 Heschel/King Event:  May 15, 2011 at 3 PM.  Mark your calendar! 
Location: Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (named the Thomas C. Hullverson and Richard B. Teitelman Center For Justice) building at 4232 Forest Park Ave.  More info to follow.  Check back often!

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Heschel/King Event 2010

Dr. Donald Suggs of The St. Louis American and Mr. Bob Cohn of The Jewish Light  and were the recipients of the 2010 Heschel/King Award.    Previous Heschel/King Awards.

All pictures by Philip Deitch